Bosch Dual Combi Boiler Installation For Home Central Heating

Ever thought it would be a good idea to combine central and water heating into one system? This is exactly what a combi system does, and it is an excellent solution to efficient heating for your home.

This is a Bosch 37kW Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater that we recently installed for a customer. The unit contains the following features:

• Central heating output: up to 30kW or 130 MJ
• Domestic hot water output: up to 37kW or 160 MJ
• 91% energy efficient
• Internal and external installation possible
• Combines heating and domestic hot water modes for energy saving in two days
• 21 l/min domestic hot water flow rate at 25°C temperature rise suitable for up to 2 bathrooms
• Modulating pump – reduces electricity used by the pump by up to 30%
• Quiet operation (45 dB)
• Frost protection standard

In this system, the customer’s heating system was upgraded from an old boiler system to this gas system to run their central heating and hot water.  These systems are extremely effective for running your home heating because they:

  • Simply your system so you only have one instead of two separate systems
  • Heat your water more efficiently than the traditional hot water cylinder
  • Cost you less to run
  • Never run out of hot water being a continuous hot water system

Is it time to upgrade your heating system? A combi gas boiler might be the best option for your home. Talk to us today and we will recommend a system that best suits your needs.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating Systems

One type of underfloor heating system is the hydronic heating system. What are these systems and how do they work?

Hydronic systems are water based systems that are used to uniformly heat whole houses or even multi-story areas. These systems can often also be used to heat the hot water supply.

hydronic_underfloor_heating_systemsHydronic systems work by a series of pipes under the floors which hot water (heated by a boiler or other heat source such as gas or wood burner) is passed through, heating the floor above it. The house or area can be divided into separate areas and heating applied accordingly.


What exactly is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular as a form of heating system for home. But what exactly is underfloor heating?

Underfloor Heating is a form of central heating which is used indoors to control temperature within a living space. Various forms of underfloor heating have been around for centuries dating back to as far as 5000 BC. Modern systems are generally either hydronic or electronic and are commonly used in homes and buildings such as offices.

Underfloor_heating_systemSystem designs and installations are highly dependent on the requirements and the space they are to be installed in. Types of flooring can also affect the system as to what is needed. Underfloor heating can often be used with tile, carpet, concrete, laminate
and wooden floors.

The benefit of an underfloor heating system is that it provides efficient heating throughout a home while being completely stable and controllable.

If you would like to get a price on an underfloor heating system for your home, give us a call on 0508 446 892.


Welcome To Underfloor Heating

Welcome to Underfloor Heating! We are your underfloor heating specialists who can provide the solution you need to efficient home heating. Whether you need underfloor heating, central heating, radiators or any other form of home heating, we can help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

Our team of fully qualified plumbers and electricians have been installing underfloor heating systems around New Zealand for years and can provide the solution you need to efficient home heating. Being fully qualified and certified, we have the skills and ability to provide the home heating you are looking for!

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