When do I need to get my underfloor heating system serviced?

when_to_get_underfloor_heating_servicedLike all systems, underfloor heating systems need maintenance to ensure the longest possible life of the system and to prevent problems before they happen. It will also ensure that your underfloor heating system operates as efficiently as possible, saving your money on your power/energy bill.

It is recommended to have boilers services annually and biannually for heat pump systems. Servicing will generally include flushing/cleaning of the system including existing pipework and re-pressurization, testing of electrical components and controls, actuators and solenoids and system balancing and commissioning. You will generally receive a full report of the service and any further recommended work that might need to be done.

If it’s time to get your underfloor heating system serviced or you’d like to get your system checked over, give us a call. We specialise in servicing all types of underfloor heating systems.