Changing the New Zealand mind set around Heating

We all fear change in our lives. Change takes us somewhere we are not comfortable with. Somewhere new often leads us to something exciting and rewarding. We all need to embrace change at some point in our lives.


For years the term Central Heating in the northern Parts New Zealand would have been a luxury for wealthier home owners. Over the years, different types of heating have been used to varying degrees offering most homes a solution. These solutions work reasonably well for some situations but have inherent and obvious draw backs. Many households rely on portable heating solutions. Often costing a small fortune to run and barely doing the job they are intended for. Consuming large amounts of power for small returns in comfort, they are a source of danger in the home requiring supervision for the more vulnerable members of the family and giving an increasing the risk of fire.

Single heat pump systems can offer single room solutions for an affordable cost, although mostly retro- fitted with no consideration for home design. These units under perform ensuring families are huddled into a single room at colder times of the year, leaving the rest of the home to feel cold and damp.

Centralized blown air systems have gone a way to battle this offering homes with a neater solution. The main issues with any kind of blown air system is the way they warm areas, effectively blowing warm air around a room creating drafts and cold spots. These forced systems have another drawback in the way household dust is disturbed around the home, being more likely to magnify respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Kiwi home owners are now looking for more comfort and greater control over their home heating. Not just “making do” as past generations have but truly creating homes which are light and airy in the summer and warm, dry and cosy in the winter.

With modern central heating solutions now becoming an affordable way to heat homes more and more householders are using Radiant heating as their first solution. With solutions for new homes and renovations, Central Heating will become the norm, leaving behind the cold damp homes of the past.

Underfloor Heating Systems warming from the feet up. There’s nothing like putting a bare foot onto a normally cold tiled floor and feeling the warmth, instantly feeling cosy. Underfloor heating gives the ultimate in radiant comfort. Rooms are evenly warmed with no cold spots.

Hydronic Radiator Systems offer a cost effective retrofit and new build solution for many New Zealand homes. Radiator heat emitters warm rooms using natural convection air currents, giving an even dry warmth with modern individual control. This solution is ideal for homes with different temperatures required in different areas. Bedrooms and living spaces can be controlled to provide different levels of warmth for each user.

With a Radiant Heating solutions, warmer dryer homes provide the added benefit of helping to alleviate respiratory conditions creating a healthier home environment. No more cold beds at night, no more damp feeling clothes in the morning. All rooms in the home will be freed up for use in the winter.

With little or poor information on Radiant Central Heating solutions to the consumer, many households are still relying on out of date inefficient solutions for their homes. Changing aging mind sets for the future of Kiwi homes is key, creating warmer, dryer, healthier homes giving future generations the levels of comfort found in European homes. With greater supply and demand manufacturers are now looking to New Zealand as a growing Central Heating market. German Band boilers such as Bosch and Valiant being offered at attractive prices. With an increase in skilled heating technicians and companies realising the benefits of Hydronic Central Heating, the future of central heating in New Zealand looks bright.