How Warm Will Your Home Be This Winter?

Not doubt you are pretty happy with the heating in your home right now, as the sun is out and temperatures are high. But summer is already half over, and before you know it, it will be middle of winter. Will you be so happy then?

Many homes in New Zealand face the issue of not being adequately heated. Central heating systems are not a common sight, and underfloor heating even less so. Most people are left with the option of fighting the cold with electric radiators, a situation made even worse by little or no insulation in the home.

If you are sick of wearing a jacket in your own home in winter, we are here to help! Underfloor heating systems are the perfect solution for heating your home, and they are not as out of reach as you may think.

Benefits of underfloor heating systems include:

  • Same comfort level at 1°C to 2°C lower air temperature, which means a potential saving of 15% to 30%
  • Reduces wasted heat at ceiling height, translating into lower heat load and less energy costs.
  • Large heat emitter reduces required water heating temperature, making it compatible with heat pump and solar.
  • Vertical temperature profile close to ideal profile resulting in increased comfort level
  • Even spread of heat across complete floor, no cold spots
  • Silent and invisible heating system
  • Air movement kept at a minimum, making it allergy friendly
  • No radiators, grills or A/C unit in living space, making it visually and spatially appealing
  • Virtually maintenance free system
  • No ventilation shafts and no covers which means a very low security risk
  • Can also be used to cool your home in summer.
  • No ugly hardware in sight.
  • This system avoids dampness which is ideal for sufferers of asthma.
  • Can be installed both in new and existing homes.

Whether you are retrofitting into your current home or you are building a new home, an underfloor heating system will provide the perfect heating solution not just for this coming winter, but every winter thereafter.

Our team of underfloor heating experts will put together a system for your home that will efficiently and cost effectively heat your home for low cost. We offer a free analysis which is the first step towards your new heating system. Get it touch with us today!