Under floor heating is becoming the popular, fast and unobtrusive method of heating the home thus giving high comfort levels, together with low running costs and environmental benefits.


  • Same comfort level at 1° c to 2° c lower air temperature => 15% to 30% potential saving in fuel costs*
  • Reduces wasted heat at ceiling height => lower heat load.
  • Large heat emitter reduces heating water temperature => compatible with heat pump /solar etc.
  • Vertical temperature profile close to ideal profile => increased comfort level/productivity of staff.
  • Even spread of heat across complete floor => high comfort level.
  • Silent and invisible heating system => high comfort level.
  • Air movement at minimum => allergy friendly.
  • No radiators, grills or A/C unit in living space => freedom in space design & safe.
  • Virtually maintenance free system => no downtime.
  • No ventilation shafts, no covers => very low security risk. (prisons, public areas)

* Source: SEAV-‘Operating Costs of Gas Appliances’&’Choosing a Heating System’/BSRIA Application Guide AG 12/2001

There are many hidden benefits:

  • Under floor heating systems can also be used to cool your home in summer.
  • The look and feel differs in the tiles style.
  • No ugly hardware in sight.
  • This system avoids dampness which is secured for the sufferers of asthma. The installation is easier both in new and existing homes.
  • Simply enjoy the resource as there are neither annual checks nor maintenance.
  • With all the features are completely hidden, its more safe for those who have the little fingers!