An under floor heating system creates a comfortable and warm environment all the year through your tiled, timber, concrete or carpeted floors.

Our heating system distributes heat evenly, silently, and safely.

Under floor heating is one of the most economical heating systems available provides you with precise, clean and unobtrusive heating.


Our system works with all the tiles in the market .You need to speak to the tiler before installation. Installation is usually done just before tiling with minimum disruption to your building or renovating schedule

The under floor heating system can be used in every part of your home or office as a complete heating solution. The under floor tile heating system is ideal for home builder or home renovator.

Under floor heating ensures the highest standard of performance, safety and reliability.


Under floor heating system is very simple and easy to install in timber suspended floors. We have done hundreds of installations that are now working with total satisfaction.

Note: Not all the timber floors are compatible with Under floor heating system. Ask for our advice.

Polished Concrete

In recent years, polished concrete flooring has gained popularity, due to its high-class elegance and hardwearing properties.

While these floor finishes are nice and cool during the heat of summer, they can be miserably cold during the winter.This phenomenon is a result of the highly polished surface actually reflecting the heat produced by the ducted systems e.g. gas, reverse cycle and also radiant ceiling heating.

Owners planning to go down this path would be wise to consider heating their floor using in slab heating


All variety of carpets are suitable for use in the process of the installation.

One should carefully consider the maximum tog value quoted by the system manufactures and thus ensure the performance over the lifetime of the carpet should meet the given tog value.

Recently tests are carried out jointly by the under floor Heating Manufacturers Association and the Carpet Foundation has concluded that carpet can be used over an under floor heating system without impairing its performance.